Today, focus on participating in the 16 South China Sea exercises, tough announced new three noes policy, China bid farewell to humiliation, emboldened what?

to reports,
in from May 2nd to 12th,
a joint military exercise by 10 member states of the 6 ASEAN countries and the United States,
India and other countries,
launched in Singapore,
Brunei and the South China Sea offshore.
The Chinese army sent the Lanzhou missile destroyer,
12 commandos and 4 staff members.
And a few days ago,
the Ministry of defense China stressed Chinese claims the new three policy: whether the American ship in the South China sea cruise will not change frequently,
these islands are Chinese territory,
China will not change the speed of development,
but will not waver in Chinese people's Liberation Army to defend the sovereignty and China safety.
To participate in military exercises,
announced the New South three policy,
in a sense,
Chinese intended to show for nati