The whole day her vast stars with a stunning MetGala meteorites skirt

side today are focusing on Met Gala this year's theme is science and technology,
in various female stars in the limelight (when Demons and monsters danced like mad.
) homeland security female master Claire Danes wearing a skirt appearance shocked four,
robbed the limelight when all the red carpet is not that looked beyond the very Xian besides,
it seems nothing special with this technology is not above.
But she went to the dark room.
The style is instantly.
Amazing dream.
this is a light dress designer Zac Posen hand in the dark room,
other stars dim,
only her own halo (other people instantly suck wood!!) At this moment,
like Cinderella turned,
the focus of the audience are in themselves and also perfectly echoes the theme of science and technology,
the night light skirts,