May is boring. You can watch these American TV shows

so pay close attention to what's noteworthy drama came to this month,
or is it to launch classic play back in May the most important estimate in U.
is track the suspect season broadcast.
The return of the United States this month is not much,
but also limited to see,
so added some on the renewal / cancellation of summary news.
From May 17th onwards,
TV is to usher in a press conference once a year,
you are still the wall next year? This month it announced new ~ part: fried day girl Lady Dynamite date: May 21st (Netflix): Mitch Hurwitz (producer arrested development),
Pam Brady (South Park) starring Maria Bamford (comedy ,
blocked the development of newcomers) fried day girl the first quarter of 12 sets,
in a semi autobiographical form reflect the ups and downs in the life of Bamfor M