Dove, to a plot of philosophical story

of a zoo keeps an elephant.
Near it,
I do not know from what time,
there is a group of dove home.
There's a reason for this.
Tourists throw food to elephants,
and dove can eat as much as they can if they can spare a little.
The lives of dove are indeed light and easy,
and they send away day after day in pointless chat.
as a result of idle boring,
the general topic also talked about tired,
and then fierce words gradually appear.
this guy,
I really hate it.
You're right.
The big man was so proud that he didn't seem to have us at all.
Dove vent their grievances.
It was a feeling of humiliation coming from an elephant,
but no one wanted to admit it,
nobody said.
They have nothing to say but say a few words about the elephant.
We watch,
how it with its mouth? As long a