A group of pictures to understand the beauty behind

sure awareness rich fund big beauty,
rich two girls.
There is a rich girl,
two with old Jie said,
her work place is Lujiazui,
is next to the Oriental Pearl Tower,
every day many people travel to Shanghai to visit Lujiazui,
colleagues joked that he is scenic staff.
They have a rich two company surnamed Huang security uncle said that Lujiazui was not so,
when he was young,
when the summer vacation,
to Lujiazui to catch fish,
often catch fish,
over the past 30 years,
great changes have taken place in our country indeed,
our life is getting better and better,
our country more and more beautiful,
although also paid the price,
but it is undeniable that we are on the way of running too fast! Let's compare the new and old pictures of the following groups to witness the changes