Behind the dialogue Wu Haiyan three new investment logic, cre - on the situation

feeling the power of interview.
Spend 10-15 minutes,
hunting cloud take you to understand the depth of investment logic behind the CRE capital three new layout.
CRE capital was founded in 2006,
is a company for entrepreneurs to provide start-up venture and growth period of business loans early investment institutions.
From the beginning,
early investment in the CRE capital it has concentrated on new finance,
new industrial and new areas of consumption,
and the use of resources and experience to help deep investment enterprise strategic planning,
business development and team building.
At present,
the CRE capital management fund of RMB and US dollar fund total assets amounted to billions of dollars.
Investment range from angel to B round,
the amount from millions to hundreds of milli

May is boring. You can watch these American TV shows

so pay close attention to what's noteworthy drama came to this month,
or is it to launch classic play back in May the most important estimate in U.
is track the suspect season broadcast.
The return of the United States this month is not much,
but also limited to see,
so added some on the renewal / cancellation of summary news.
From May 17th onwards,
TV is to usher in a press conference once a year,
you are still the wall next year? This month it announced new ~ part: fried day girl Lady Dynamite date: May 21st (Netflix): Mitch Hurwitz (producer arrested development),
Pam Brady (South Park) starring Maria Bamford (comedy ,
blocked the development of newcomers) fried day girl the first quarter of 12 sets,
in a semi autobiographical form reflect the ups and downs in the life of Bamfor M

Please believe that young people who play mobile phones are more eager to succeed than previous ones

t give up their careers,
but they are still eager to succeed.
9 years ago,
the new weekly put forward the concept of cell phone man.
New from long ago observed mobile phone will become the black hole to absorb new technology: luxury,
super TV,
game player killer,
other masters,
tour guide,
business partners,
entertainment promoter,
More important is that the predicted: technological breakthroughs and new features to make you dependent on the mobile phone the night grow,
your physical and mental needs to be alienated gradually with your mobile phone,
mobile phone type personality,
communication and entertainment in your way you re integration of resources and time,
you can not imagine lea

What's the future of the Communist Youth League organization?

enkun regime in the framework of the Communist Youth League China,
once occupied a very important position is very special,
because of the Communist Youth League is the ruling party,
the training and selection of reliable reserve force and powerful assistant base camp,
the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels to experience it officials had flowers blooming like a piece of brocade in the future.
the rules of the game have changed dramatically,
and the Communist Youth League itself is under tremendous pressure and fission.
In February this year,
the Central Committee of Communist Youth League is the Central Commission for discipline inspection teams pointed out that there exists a rare and administrative organs,
the nobility and entertainment,
the Central Comm

From the product to the platform insurmountable gap not so difficult just 4 steps

in the face of Google Gmail and various mobile devices on the mail application,
Microsoft Outlook retreat.
Microsoft is trying to inject new vitality into Outlook,
from simple email products to platforms,
allowing users to connect with many third party services such as Yelp,
and impressive notes.
Whether the leap from product to platform works,
not only for Microsoft,
but also for a growing number of companies around the product or platform,
is an extremely important issue.
It is not difficult to understand why such an approach is attractive.
Products generate only a single source of revenue,
and platforms generate a variety of sources of income (our definition of the platform is the intermediary between two or more different groups and allows them to communicate directly).

Today, focus on participating in the 16 South China Sea exercises, tough announced new three noes policy, China bid farewell to humiliation, emboldened what?

to reports,
in from May 2nd to 12th,
a joint military exercise by 10 member states of the 6 ASEAN countries and the United States,
India and other countries,
launched in Singapore,
Brunei and the South China Sea offshore.
The Chinese army sent the Lanzhou missile destroyer,
12 commandos and 4 staff members.
And a few days ago,
the Ministry of defense China stressed Chinese claims the new three policy: whether the American ship in the South China sea cruise will not change frequently,
these islands are Chinese territory,
China will not change the speed of development,
but will not waver in Chinese people's Liberation Army to defend the sovereignty and China safety.
To participate in military exercises,
announced the New South three policy,
in a sense,
Chinese intended to show for nati

The cattle car smiled all day

read this,
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A group of pictures to understand the beauty behind

sure awareness rich fund big beauty,
rich two girls.
There is a rich girl,
two with old Jie said,
her work place is Lujiazui,
is next to the Oriental Pearl Tower,
every day many people travel to Shanghai to visit Lujiazui,
colleagues joked that he is scenic staff.
They have a rich two company surnamed Huang security uncle said that Lujiazui was not so,
when he was young,
when the summer vacation,
to Lujiazui to catch fish,
often catch fish,
over the past 30 years,
great changes have taken place in our country indeed,
our life is getting better and better,
our country more and more beautiful,
although also paid the price,
but it is undeniable that we are on the way of running too fast! Let's compare the new and old pictures of the following groups to witness the changes

Dove, to a plot of philosophical story

of a zoo keeps an elephant.
Near it,
I do not know from what time,
there is a group of dove home.
There's a reason for this.
Tourists throw food to elephants,
and dove can eat as much as they can if they can spare a little.
The lives of dove are indeed light and easy,
and they send away day after day in pointless chat.
as a result of idle boring,
the general topic also talked about tired,
and then fierce words gradually appear.
this guy,
I really hate it.
You're right.
The big man was so proud that he didn't seem to have us at all.
Dove vent their grievances.
It was a feeling of humiliation coming from an elephant,
but no one wanted to admit it,
nobody said.
They have nothing to say but say a few words about the elephant.
We watch,
how it with its mouth? As long a

What do you learn from the German stealth champion?

rmany's invisible champions are intermediate manufacturers.
With their own unique skills gained,
strong international competitive power.
Chinese enterprises also need more invisible champion,
it is possible to really improve the quality of the supply side.
Text / reporter Xie Dandan editor / Zhu Li invisible champion a book author Hermann Simon said: a country to obtain export success,
really need a big company,
but if you want to achieve superior performance,
we must rely on small and medium-sized enterprises that have strong international competitiveness,
which is the invisible champion.
In 1986,
Hermann Simon first proposed the invisible champion concept,
meaning includes: first,
it must have its products to the international market share of the first or second position; second,

Various kinds of wonderful facial mask

k onion students Yong Ze jun! A dream mask is Japanese actor Kita Yuya A dream mask powder ring ~ onslaught of giant mask iron man and Captain America Version of One Piece mask choba small raccoon dog mask and mask mask mask opera Xiongben animal series & cat mask feel good,
please like down down down

Morning, the news is coming [20160504]

ng the Harbin Railway Bureau 3,
23:39 by micro-blog official announcement: May 3rd,
the Shenyang Railway Bureau catenary equipment failure,
Harbin Railway Bureau is expected to affect the wind speed limit,
Harbin west station G715,
D27 and other train delays; Qigihar South Station D25 late again.
Specific train delays,
please pay attention to the local bus station announcement.
Reporters learned from the Zhaotong municipal government information office,
about 11:10 yesterday,
Zhaotong City,
Yanjin County,
Yunnan Province,
a coal mine gas explosion occurred,
causing 6 deaths.
After the accident,
Zhaotong immediately launched emergency response.
At present,
the cause of the accident is under further investigation,
the responsibl

These high score movies were actually filmed in Brazil ~!

lers know that Brazil visa is one of the most difficult visas in the world.
Many people have given up their trip to Brazil because of bad visa.
However! It is said that because of the Brazil Olympic Games,
the visa application will be looser during the Olympic Games.
How about going to apply for a visa,
then go to see this fascinating country? But before you go to Brazil,
it is necessary to know and learn the culture of Brazil ahead of time.
The movie is one of the best ways to experience Brazil.
There are a lot of classic movies taken in Brazil,
and Brazil has a lot of good movies to remember.
let's follow these movies to experience Brazil.
We were | central station |: watercress assumes 8.
For many people,
the Brazil film is very strange,
like Hollywood movies as often can

The whole day her vast stars with a stunning MetGala meteorites skirt

side today are focusing on Met Gala this year's theme is science and technology,
in various female stars in the limelight (when Demons and monsters danced like mad.
) homeland security female master Claire Danes wearing a skirt appearance shocked four,
robbed the limelight when all the red carpet is not that looked beyond the very Xian besides,
it seems nothing special with this technology is not above.
But she went to the dark room.
The style is instantly.
Amazing dream.
this is a light dress designer Zac Posen hand in the dark room,
other stars dim,
only her own halo (other people instantly suck wood!!) At this moment,
like Cinderella turned,
the focus of the audience are in themselves and also perfectly echoes the theme of science and technology,
the night light skirts,

The sloth look... A... All... Knee deep in the arrow

he first working day after the May Day holiday.
Do you have trouble getting up,
or fighting with your eyelids?.
To see this sloth,
you are a true portrayal of today.
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