Ya DA water makeup is not terrible, who is who is embarrassed off sunscreen sunscreen 10 Japan

this summer also began,
and water,
makeup is not terrible,
who lost sunscreen who embarrassed?! Now sister paper all like white and beautiful,
and in the summer,
sunscreen is definitely not indispensable,
not to mention in the seaside,
that is usually in the work will be drying out.
First of all,
we'll see which places are most easily overlooked when we're on sunscreen! 1,
hair and scalp sunscreen need to use sunscreen spray,
especially collar and neck and so on will show the skin where,
before use to feel the refreshing degree,
do not choose too greasy.
neck simple approach is surrounded by a layer of scarves,
and if you think scarves and clothes do not go,
must remember to smear the neck and face the same sunscreen,
this will make you look good.
hands and feet after s