Oscar, who is the star of the collective fashion, is even more shocked than the Shandong Diva who made pancakes last year

rst Monday 77 May each year,
a large star would like to forget to take medicine or drugs over the same,
what the body color of not more than three black and white ash significantly advanced principle and so on are all get rid of,
happily wearing outlandish costume boom a grand Party,
who dressed the infighting blind.
The Party is the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York charity dinner party called fashion Oscar - Met Gala.
Met Gala has been held since 1971.
On the one hand,
in order to celebrate the opening of the special theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art museum every year,
on the other hand,
donations are raised for the fashion museum.
The annual dinner 650-700 celebrities invited to attend,
including fashion giant,
long-term investors,
Hollywood cafe,
not what works but rather