The images of the most sincere this time we do not sob I only care about you

many images of refugees in the media are too sensational,
says John Radcliffe studios.
we have seen too many stories or photographs about refugees,
but through them,
the individual seems to be hidden.
They have only one name.
Thomas Saxby,
and photographer Daniel Castro Garcia,
the two young men who have seen South Italy,
have recorded the way they come from Africa or the middle east.
What we want to do is not one-off reporting,
but we want to go deeper into the lives of refugees.
Their work is a collection of books,
more like a travel book,
recording the time they spend with refugees.
The book,
foreigner plan,
does not record politics,
but pays more attention to people,
does not exaggerate the crisis in the general sense,
and highlights individual life.

Oscar, who is the star of the collective fashion, is even more shocked than the Shandong Diva who made pancakes last year

rst Monday 77 May each year,
a large star would like to forget to take medicine or drugs over the same,
what the body color of not more than three black and white ash significantly advanced principle and so on are all get rid of,
happily wearing outlandish costume boom a grand Party,
who dressed the infighting blind.
The Party is the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York charity dinner party called fashion Oscar - Met Gala.
Met Gala has been held since 1971.
On the one hand,
in order to celebrate the opening of the special theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art museum every year,
on the other hand,
donations are raised for the fashion museum.
The annual dinner 650-700 celebrities invited to attend,
including fashion giant,
long-term investors,
Hollywood cafe,
not what works but rather

Just watch the film naked and you lose

to love movies ah then play it poke Tucao movie last year's Toronto Film Festival,
a film for too much information has attracted much attention,
and then let countless many sisters very worried about juice source etc.
as soon as the photos appeared,
everyone wanted to see more.
Smart you have guessed,
the dean said that looking at the poster of the skyscraper James Dean in Western dress and leather shoes,
to my surprise,
he was a changed man when reading a book!! What the hell is this book? It must be poisonous,
right? You can suck people's clothes away!! Give me a quick call!!! You think this is Tom.
Gif: eyelashes will tease sister.
Gif: Fitness spree.
Gif: anyway,
it should be a lot of people are rushing hiddleston body view modern of the building.
Then I suggest you dire

Ya DA water makeup is not terrible, who is who is embarrassed off sunscreen sunscreen 10 Japan

this summer also began,
and water,
makeup is not terrible,
who lost sunscreen who embarrassed?! Now sister paper all like white and beautiful,
and in the summer,
sunscreen is definitely not indispensable,
not to mention in the seaside,
that is usually in the work will be drying out.
First of all,
we'll see which places are most easily overlooked when we're on sunscreen! 1,
hair and scalp sunscreen need to use sunscreen spray,
especially collar and neck and so on will show the skin where,
before use to feel the refreshing degree,
do not choose too greasy.
neck simple approach is surrounded by a layer of scarves,
and if you think scarves and clothes do not go,
must remember to smear the neck and face the same sunscreen,
this will make you look good.
hands and feet after s

Weiminghu in Peking University 118th anniversary anniversary

happy birthday 118 years old! The anniversary of the day coming up,
say in advance with the alma mater fast ~ west gate is one of the landmarks of Yanyuan wish it all about it,
and memories,
are long in the north every adult heart.
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