When a baby meets a twin, a father and an uncle, do you know how much he breaks down inside?

married twins.
Have you considered the child's feelings? The couple,
who are twins,
are often very similar,
so there are always cases where they are taken in the wrong way.
Last week,
brother Michael and his wife took care of the baby Reed,
when Reed's mom and dad went to pick him up.
My dad when he took over,
he glanced at,
suddenly on the ignorant! Why do you have another dad?! This cannot be explained by the knowledge I have! When I was holding my arms,
I looked at my father on the opposite side of the street.
But when I changed the other one,
I saw another familiar face.
I don't know which one is the real father! I have just arrived in this world,
and why am I subjected to such a severe test?! It's complicated to feel inside of a baby.
Baby to see the father's twin brother after