What snacks are helpful for digestion after meals?

eople if we had some good food,
then the habit will definitely be more than usual to eat,
which for us,
in fact,
sometimes will cause the problem that our body is not very good digestion.
The following Xunyiwenyao network channel to introduce Chinese meal to eat snacks which helps digestion.
after eating a pear barbecue,
South Korean scientists found that eating fried baked food after eating a pear,
can be regarded as a healthy diet.
Grilled food after YanXunHuoLiao,
produce more benzopyrene and other carcinogens,
and especially the pear pear juice contains rich content of anti-cancer,
can eliminate or eliminate carcinogens,
to a certain extent to protect the gastrointestinal from cancer of harm.
eat crab drink ginger brown sugar water from the perspective of traditional Chines