The delicious fruit was eaten by half, but nearly killed

the mango season,
passing the fruit stand looking ahead is full of golden one,
what small Taiwan awn,
Guifei mango awn,
Xiaoqing Daqing Mango Mango Cultivars.
so much,
see people unable to hide greeds you are not out of control,
want to buy and get a taste of sweetness? Don't worry,
this is more than a little cute clergyman,
well there may be life! Say the recent three events give you mango allergy: eat a mango was almost to Mr.
Li Ming Wuhan to eat mango,
suddenly feel chest distress,
faint in the ground become unconscious.
Thanks to the family on the side,
he will be promptly sent to the hospital,
after emergency treatment change danger into safety.
Mango allergy: cause laryngeal edema Lee admissions doctors said Mr.
a medical emergency is because mango allergy