That's the missing thing in your woman's jewelry box

asked what it feels like to have such a famous mother.
I always answer,
I really don't know.
In my eyes,
she was first and foremost a mother,
then my best friend.
After that,
I realized that she was an actress.
It was not until my mother died that I realized what an unusual actress she was and how much influence she had on us.
As the son of Hepburn Sean Hepburn's elegant world together,
but in the face of son,
is a simple image of mother.
Like the classic love movie breakfast at Tiffany's,
a little black dress collocation chain three diamond pearl necklace,
the elegant and feminine posture,
and no one can simply.
What is pearl? No diamond bright light,
no multicolored dazzling bright pearl luster and delicate,
graceful natural form,
mysterious charm this unpredictable and elegant temper