Teach you beauty to learn self-defense, but you still Ampquot attract Ampquot less than heterosexual

the girls are talking about how to defend themselves when someone is out there In fact,
the compiled code can not help but want to ask: you this Gray's son,
determined to learn self-defense? None of you will notice you,
OMG! That is,
young himself should be the fashion of urban people,
but every day immersed in the busy work,
but also because the haze,
car exhaust and other environmental degradation factors,
make your skin problem more and more serious,
every day is so tired,
how can attract the opposite sex! What makes you less and less honorable? NO.
1 dry skin relaxation -- are staying up late to blame don't think overtime only breeds a black eye,
do not think that only the skin aging will have skin relaxation and relaxation,
in fact it is very easy to do you water! In addition to over