Khan assembly close at hand

ool thing in the whole of May: 2016 Beijing Khan game conference field begins! How many right away are you going to be near this weekend?! In May 7,
Beijing Dongcheng District Andingmen Street Ding Jiangsu Building No.
88 million records the time and place,
mimihuhu remember days and the wrong way.
For the little friends who have been waiting for you so long,
the friendship boat can be turned over.
Here you must be a group of gamers,
or run many? How about video games? Anyway,
you have to like it.
If you happen to or Star Wars powder,
you can go to the conference: Jedi game joystick shake rattle rattle sound,
the soldiers around the table playing games meditated,
rebels hurried to run group.
You are a mouth,
suddenly a hoarse voice floated from behind: popcorn,
eat? As so