Another Chinese company shocked the world, but it turned out that way

ts brand Jordan for alleged infringement of the United States well-known sports brand Jordan,
the latter being sued in the Supreme People's court has not yet given a final judgment,
Chinese another enterprises caused by the collective Tucao friends.
with the Jordan as a company from Fujian held a press conference at the local,
launched the Encore Martins (Uncle Martian) brand.
Because with the United States well-known brand Andemar (Under Armour) Uncle Martian is similar,
the users may say is the Jordan and a edge ball copycat brand.
China new shoe brand for American companies not calm here are two brands: logo / left Uncle Martian,
the Under Armour the logo is composed of the letters U and N,
the difference is two letters Uncle Martian Under Armour is not cross,