An insider wrong knife Internet explosive product strategy of Shenzhou car giant sea of blood out of millet transformation lesson

l enterprise transformation,
the Internet has entered the deep water area! Traditional enterprise transformation,
the Internet's biggest problem is still not dry! 2016 explosive products,
President camp,
annual upgrade! Explosive products strategy Golden Triangle system approach: 1,
teach you a set of millet 1 years 100 billion of explosive products methodology,
but also apple,
Tesla success behind the full set of play.
Creative consulting training! 2,
teach you a set of Internet era,
since the media 100 thousand plus,
like Jobs,
open explosive point conference,
brush blasting friends circle of new play.
brewmaster network and other case teaching methods! 3,
teach you a set of attract fans,
activate fans,
word of mouth transformation of the most ground gas play.
The coach