Behind the dialogue Wu Haiyan three new investment logic, cre - on the situation

feeling the power of interview.
Spend 10-15 minutes,
hunting cloud take you to understand the depth of investment logic behind the CRE capital three new layout.
CRE capital was founded in 2006,
is a company for entrepreneurs to provide start-up venture and growth period of business loans early investment institutions.
From the beginning,
early investment in the CRE capital it has concentrated on new finance,
new industrial and new areas of consumption,
and the use of resources and experience to help deep investment enterprise strategic planning,
business development and team building.
At present,
the CRE capital management fund of RMB and US dollar fund total assets amounted to billions of dollars.
Investment range from angel to B round,
the amount from millions to hundreds of milli

May is boring. You can watch these American TV shows

so pay close attention to what's noteworthy drama came to this month,
or is it to launch classic play back in May the most important estimate in U.
is track the suspect season broadcast.
The return of the United States this month is not much,
but also limited to see,
so added some on the renewal / cancellation of summary news.
From May 17th onwards,
TV is to usher in a press conference once a year,
you are still the wall next year? This month it announced new ~ part: fried day girl Lady Dynamite date: May 21st (Netflix): Mitch Hurwitz (producer arrested development),
Pam Brady (South Park) starring Maria Bamford (comedy ,
blocked the development of newcomers) fried day girl the first quarter of 12 sets,
in a semi autobiographical form reflect the ups and downs in the life of Bamfor M

Please believe that young people who play mobile phones are more eager to succeed than previous ones

t give up their careers,
but they are still eager to succeed.
9 years ago,
the new weekly put forward the concept of cell phone man.
New from long ago observed mobile phone will become the black hole to absorb new technology: luxury,
super TV,
game player killer,
other masters,
tour guide,
business partners,
entertainment promoter,
More important is that the predicted: technological breakthroughs and new features to make you dependent on the mobile phone the night grow,
your physical and mental needs to be alienated gradually with your mobile phone,
mobile phone type personality,
communication and entertainment in your way you re integration of resources and time,
you can not imagine lea

What's the future of the Communist Youth League organization?

enkun regime in the framework of the Communist Youth League China,
once occupied a very important position is very special,
because of the Communist Youth League is the ruling party,
the training and selection of reliable reserve force and powerful assistant base camp,
the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels to experience it officials had flowers blooming like a piece of brocade in the future.
the rules of the game have changed dramatically,
and the Communist Youth League itself is under tremendous pressure and fission.
In February this year,
the Central Committee of Communist Youth League is the Central Commission for discipline inspection teams pointed out that there exists a rare and administrative organs,
the nobility and entertainment,
the Central Comm

From the product to the platform insurmountable gap not so difficult just 4 steps

in the face of Google Gmail and various mobile devices on the mail application,
Microsoft Outlook retreat.
Microsoft is trying to inject new vitality into Outlook,
from simple email products to platforms,
allowing users to connect with many third party services such as Yelp,
and impressive notes.
Whether the leap from product to platform works,
not only for Microsoft,
but also for a growing number of companies around the product or platform,
is an extremely important issue.
It is not difficult to understand why such an approach is attractive.
Products generate only a single source of revenue,
and platforms generate a variety of sources of income (our definition of the platform is the intermediary between two or more different groups and allows them to communicate directly).

Today, focus on participating in the 16 South China Sea exercises, tough announced new three noes policy, China bid farewell to humiliation, emboldened what?

to reports,
in from May 2nd to 12th,
a joint military exercise by 10 member states of the 6 ASEAN countries and the United States,
India and other countries,
launched in Singapore,
Brunei and the South China Sea offshore.
The Chinese army sent the Lanzhou missile destroyer,
12 commandos and 4 staff members.
And a few days ago,
the Ministry of defense China stressed Chinese claims the new three policy: whether the American ship in the South China sea cruise will not change frequently,
these islands are Chinese territory,
China will not change the speed of development,
but will not waver in Chinese people's Liberation Army to defend the sovereignty and China safety.
To participate in military exercises,
announced the New South three policy,
in a sense,
Chinese intended to show for nati

The cattle car smiled all day

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